Schedule Initial Consultation Info

Connect to Heal: Your First Step Towards Transformation Awaits

Option 1 – Calendly

This is the better option. The scheduling of the initial consultation is typically done through a 3rd party resource like Calendly. We have used Calendly ourselves for years and have been happy with them. Calendly connects to your Google calendar and allows people wishing to schedule an initial consultation to do so based on your availability and you control the times in which they can schedule a call.

This is a good link to check out: to get some information. We do not set up Calendly for you, offer support, or manage the account. They provide a help center as well as other resources as well as providing ways to contact them,

Calendly Logo

Option 2 – Contact Form

Another option is having a “Contact Me to Get Started” button that leads to the contact page. From there they can reach out and through some back and forth you can schedule the initial consultation with them.